Dr. Bryce


Dr. Bryce

Dr. Bryce originally hails from Waukee Iowa, and loves this area of Iowa. He still remembers coming to Adel frequently for sporting events and even remembers getting his drivers permit at the courthouse. Throughout Dr. Bryce’s childhood he played lots of sports including ice hockey, which meant frequent sports related injuries. Luckily Dr. Bryce knew of a chiropractor in the area that was able to help him recover from his current injuries and avoid future injuries. He was always fascinated with how someone could help people like that with just their hands!

Dr. Bryce attended school at the University of Northern Iowa initially for a business degree, but realized during his sophomore year that was not the path for him and decided to visit Palmer College of Chiropractic to see what this profession was all about. He was immediately hooked and changed his major the next day to begin his journey toward being a Chiropractor.

Being from Iowa, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport was an easy choice. Since graduating Dr. Bryce has learned his passion for taking care of families and is looking forward to moving back home and helping the community grow.

Dr. Bryce’s Passion and Expertise

Dr. Bryce has quite a passion for kids with ADHD and sensory processing issues. He’s struggled himself with ADHD since prior to his diagnosis in high school. He has learned to manage the energy, as well as heal his nervous system through the same care he provides to each of his patients. 

He is Webster Certified for prenatal care, as well as trained in advanced perinatal care by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). He has completed over 200 hours in pediatric education through the ICPA and is certified in Pediatric and Family Chiropractic Care by The Pediatric Experience and Life University.

He has done extensive training in brain-based neurological care as well as care specific to athletic injuries, extremities, and the jaw (TMJ). 

Together, after practicing in Indianapolis for 1.5 years they decided that it was time to be closer to family and closer to the area that they love. They now live in a 100 year old fixer-upper on the northside of Adel with their two very spoiled dogs, and their daughter, Charlotte, who often joins mom and dad at the office.

"Dr. Taylor rocks! So detailed. Amazing person and chiropractor!"

Nick M.

"Dr. Miller goes above and beyond to help both my daughter and I acheive our goals."

Jackie L.

"Both Dr. Bryce and Dr. Taylor have been awesome at helping my family stay healthy. Our youngest two boys, who struggled with ADHD and meltdowns, both have made huge strides!"

Liz N.