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Many people who seek out an Adel chiropractor come for a very specific reason, they want to feel better! But we’ve found that it is almost always deeper than that. Each person’s body is unique and with it, so should the chiropractic treatment plan. The good thing is,
we’re here to help!

Our state of the art facility offers advanced spinal correction using modern methods that are gentler and more comfortable than ever before. In addition, we guide our patients on the best practices to prevent injury in the future. If you are looking for a chiropractor that is highly skilled, effective, and treats their patients like family, then please contact us today. After you step through our doors, our staff will make you feel right at home.

At Specialized Health Chiropractic we don’t take one specific, cookie-cutter approach to our treatment. No people are the same and, although you might have the same condition, their bodies are likely to respond to treatment differently. Due to this, Specialized Health Chiropractic builds a customized chiropractic care plan for each patient based on their needs.

When our chiropractors first meet our patients, we take the time to listen to find out what their main goals and objectives are, on both a short and long term basis.

After your initial assessment, we build a strategy to assist you in achieving your goals. Whether it’s short-term pain relief or long-term wellness care, our Adel chiropractors are happy to help you every step of the way.

Over the years, we have helped our patients successfully reduce or even eliminate pain, build strength, and maximize their health. Our caring and dedicated chiropractor are here to support you. We are experts in helping our patients understand how spinal health is connected to improving overall health and quality of life. Absolutely nothing makes us happier than helping our patients in need!

adel adult chiropractor
adel chiropractor

Ask Yourself the Following:

  • What is your pain preventing you from doing?
  • Is back pain making it hard to pick up your children?
  • Shoulder pain keeping you away from the golf course?
  • Chronic fatigue putting a damper on your social life?
  • Are headaches making you lose days at work?

We can help with it! 

Because the nervous system controls every single part of your body, it is imperative that that system is functioning at its optimal potential! Because, when it doesn’t, your life is affected dramatically.

Your answers are exactly what we need to hear because they help us to determine what is your one true goal!

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