We know how heartbreaking it can be to bring home your new bundle of joy and it not go how you imagined it would.

Are your gut instincts telling you that something is not right with your little one? Have you felt dismissed by your doctor or possibly given a diagnosis that doesn’t offer any solutions or answers?

Reflux, colic, and constipation in babies is difficult to navigate. It seems to come on suddenly, out of nowhere and with no end in sight. You don’t understand why your little one is so stressed, tense, and uncomfortable and don’t know how you can help them!

You’ve tried every solution you’ve heard of… gas drops, mattress wedges, holding them upright after feedings, etc., but progress has been minimal at best.

Join us for this online webinar on Friday, November 6th at 12:00PM with Dr. Taylor Miller, as we go in-depth to explain reflux, colic, and constipation in babies!

Whether your baby’s body is keeping up or has fallen behind, we will help you to understand not only what to do to help your baby but how to see the stress inside their body and how it is contributing to different challenges in everyday life, such as:

  •  Stiff and uncomfortable posture, possibly holding their head upright after birth
  • Inconsolable or intense witching hours before bedtime
  • Countless outfit changes due to spitting up and reflux
  •  Stressful car rides with screaming infants who do not like the car seat
  •  Cutting out foods from mom’s diet and trying to find the culprit
  •  Babies who need constant movement to calm down
Colic, Reflux, and Constipation webinar - Specialized Health Chiropractic in Adel, Iowa

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