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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a form of natural health care that focuses on the nervous system, the spine, and the body’s ability to heal itself. It is a way of correcting a misalignment in the spine that creates restriction of motion, or subluxation. These cause nervous system dysfunction, a loss of communication between the brain and body. The nervous system dysfunction can show itself as a variety of symptoms including pain, allergic responses and organ dysfunction.

What kind of training does a Chiropractor receive?

A Chiropractor is a physician/doctor who practices chiropractic. The degree of Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) is a 5-year program, commonly completed in an accelerated schedule, similar to the Medical Doctor (MD) programs. 

Here are some of the major differences between a Chiropractor and your Medical Doctor (MD): 

    • Chiropractors prescribe NO medicines! We know your body has an amazing ability to heal itself, and that ability comes from the inside! No external medicine can aid in that process!
    • Chiropractors work outside of the pathogenic mindset – we are not fixing your broken body – because it’s NOT broken! We support wellness by ensuring that your body can work optimally without interference! 
    • Chiropractors don’t treat symptoms! We correct the most common cause of the symptoms – Subluxation. I know your back may hurt, but in reality, we don’t take care of back pain – your body does that for you once we remove the interference!
Who needs chiropractic care?

Everyone needs chiropractic care because everyone has a spine and nervous system! Maintaining spinal health should be as important as maintaining healthy teeth and gums at the dentist.

Is Chiropractic safe?

Extremely. Chiropractic is an individually-tailored, natural, evidence-based form of care with an excellent record for safety when performed by a licensed chiropractor. One of the best examples of safety is the malpractice premiums physicians pay annually.

Does an adjustment hurt?

The process of adjusting the spine may be uncomfortable, just merely due to the gentle pressure on potentially tender areas along your back. However, pain during an adjustment itself is rare. Many people find immediate relief following an adjustment. After your initial adjustments, it is expected to feel sore, like you’ve started a new exercise program.

Can I feel if I have Subluxations?

Unfortunately, no. Subluxation can go undetected for quite some time without pain. That is why we recommend everyone get their spine evaluated for subluxation regularly, even without outright symptoms, to allow your body to work at its optimum function and avoid injury to the nervous system and early degeneration of the spinal joints.

What happens on a first visit?

We require your paperwork to be completed prior to the start of your first visit. We utilize detailed paperwork to assess your goals for care, as well as gather information that will help us develop a treatment plan for you. Your first visit starts with a complimentary consultation – a discussion with one of our doctors about your health goals or any concerns you may have about chiropractic, and the fees associated with your care plan. If you choose to continue with the examination, we perform specific, state-of-the-art neurology scans. This is one of the most important parts of the examination because it provides us with certainty of the location and severity of your subluxations.

Do I really need an exam before I get adjusted?

YES! You wouldn’t have an auto mechanic work on your car without finding out what’s wrong, right? We won’t work on your body without getting the whole picture. An exam can include neurological, orthopedic, and physical examinations. X-rays may be taken if necessary.

Will I get an adjustment on my first visit?

Usually not. Our first priority is giving you the best, most tailored care. Therefore, we often wait to analyze the details of the exam findings before providing you with your first adjustment.

When will I feel better?

One of the most quoted principles of Chiropractic is: “There is no process that does not take time”. Pain is no different. More than likely it took you months or years of subluxations before you started experiencing pain, which means that it will take time to correct the nervous system. Just because your pain is not decreasing immediately does not mean that you are not improving. Be patient.

Once you start going, do you have to go forever?

Not true, unless you want to improve your health and wellness forever. It’s common for patients to be lifetime chiropractic lovers who utilize chiropractic as another tool in their life to maintain health and wellness and prevent future issues. Let’s use an analogy. Your nervous system health is like your muscles. You go to the gym to work out. The muscle tone improves. After a few weeks of not returning to the gym, your muscle tone will start to decrease.

Does insurance cover chiropractic care?

In some cases, yes. We provide you with all of the paperwork that you need to submit to your health insurance carrier. In order to keep your costs low, we do not directly bill insurance in our office.

How much does an adjustment cost?

We are very transparent with our costs during your first appointment. Your consultation with the doctor includes a complete explanation of care plans and fees. Because we do not directly bill your insurance, we avoid all possible guesswork associated with fees.

I tried chiropractic once but it didn’t work. Why should I try it again?

Because you deserve to have the best, healthiest life. Not all chiropractors are the same, and everyone responds differently to different chiropractic styles. There are over 100 types of chiropractic adjusting styles, so our goal is finding the perfect one for you. At Specialized Health Chiropractic, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best, most specific and Specialized chiropractic care!

Why do adjustments make a popping sound?

The popping sound is called a cavitation. It may be heard or felt during the chiropractic adjustment. A cavitation is merely gas being released from the joint. Not all adjustments produce a cavitation and not all cavitations produce successful adjustments.

Can I see a chiropractor if I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! Pregnant women have a lot of stress on their bodies! Lower back pain is very common among pregnant patients, often caused by stress on the pelvis. That same stress on the pelvis may attribute to dystocia (failure for labor to progress) or  breech presentation of the baby. Taking the stress of the body with chiropractic care may naturally resolve breech presentations, decrease likelihood of dystocia, and reducing the risk of interventions such as unwanted Cesarean sections. The doctors as Specialized Health Chiropractic are Certified in Webster Technique, specific for pregnant women.

Should children see a chiropractor?

Yes please! There has been quite a lot of research showing the benefits of chiropractic care with children of all ages. From constipation to ADHD symptoms, and everything in between, it all may be caused by subtle misalignments from birth traumas. The doctors at Specialized Health Chiropractic are experts in pediatric care and have vast experience in the care of children, including infants as young as a few hours old! The adjustments to infants and children are very different in comparison to adult adjustments, using significantly less pressure and force.

Can I adjust myself?

Please refrain from “cracking” your neck or back as it can cause serious injury and chronic issues, such as stroke or muscle and ligament injuries. Chiropractors are extensively trained to detect and safely correct misalignments and aberrant motion in the spine. Let the professionals handle it! Self-manipulation is not safe!

What is special and different about us?

Specialized Health Chiropractic is different because we do everything we can to get you WELL. We use state-of-the-art neurology scanning technology to visualize the function of your nervous system, which gives us the best picture of your health and wellness. From those tests and our continued professional training, we will restore the balance in your nervous system, allowing your body to function at its optimum potential. Drs. Bryce and Taylor Miller are experts in pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care.

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