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There are actually two common causes to ear infections

  1. Drainage issues – Seems pretty self-explanatory. When fluid doesn’t drain properly, even if that fluid was clean to begin with, that stagnation that occurs when it isn’t moving properly can turn that fluid into pretty nasty stuff. That fluid that started in the ear, even though it may not start out as an ear infection but can lead to one. 
  2. Diminished Immune System – which I go into detail more in a bit!


I always challenge everyone who has kids who’ve have struggled with ear infections, especially recurring ear infections, to ask their pediatrician: “What is causing the ear infections?” 

Because usually, we hear from very frustrated parents, that all they say is “Yep, they’ve got an ear infection, here’s an antibiotic”, with no real answers or direction on how to stop the cycle. 

If you think back to the last time your little one had an ear infection, you’ll probably remember it happened right after a cold. Ear infections commonly start when there’s a cold or other upper respiratory infection. 

The body is an amazing INTELLIGENT thing, and it tries to sequester the infection away from major organs, keeping it in the ears. This is so smart because the ears are just one portal of entry into the body, but by walling it off, and keeping it there, the immune system can fight it without letting the infection spread to the lungs and other vital organs. 

BUT – what is the most common treatment for recurrent ear infections?? ENTs tend to think this is a drainage problem and put tubes in the ears! 

They go here (in the eardrum or tympanic membrane) and many people think that their JOB is to shunt the infection out of the body through the ears BUT, they actually allow that infected fluid to be drained INTO the body – exactly what the body didn’t want in the first place – towards the tonsils and adenoids. Which are immune system organs that try to fight off the infection in the fluid from the ears, BUT if the immune system is diminished, these organs cant handle the fluid and they start to become affected by the infection as well leading to TONSILLITIS & TONSILLECTOMIES! It unfortunately is just the start of this sequence of events where colds lead to ear infections, which lead to tubes, which leads to tonsillitis, which leads to bronchitis, which leads to pneumonia or asthma, and so on! 

But Why would we have a diminished immune system?? Physiologically, this happens because we are STUCK in the STRESS RESPONSE. That Fight or Flight response is meant to be a short term solution to a stressful threat. If you’re getting chased by a bear, the BODY physiologically diminishes the function of the immune response to prioritize energy elsewhere temporarily. However, we don’t get chased by a ton of bears now – instead we, especially kiddos, experience this stress response from physical, chemical, and emotional stresses. And these stresses compound and put us more and more into and ultimately hard wiring that stress response and diminished Immune function. 


So why do we talk about Ear infections and all of this science? How does it relate to chiropractic? 

Chiropractic specifically targets that FIGHT/FLIGHT response and stress and allows it to be more coordinated and better controlled. Chiropractic care allows you and your kids to better adapt to daily physical, chemical, and emotional stresses so that they don’t trigger this response each time, making it more hard wired. 

Chiropractic care can stop the cycle of recurrent ear infections and stop the series of events leading down a nasty immune challenged road. 


So if your little one has been struggling with ear infections, or you just want to prevent them from even becoming a problem – reach out to us at Specialized Health Chiropractic, or make an appointment for a new patient consultation. We scan each patient, with state of the art Nervous System scans to read that Fight or flight response and see where the underlying cause is located so that we can correct it! 



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