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Wellness Begins Here

We’re so glad you’re here and we’re excited to help you on your journey to wellness! Check out below for what to expect from our office. Check out our About Us page to get acquainted with our team and why we are so passionate about helping you! When you’re ready, click on Contact Us to ask us any questions that did not get answered in the FAQs, or click Book an Appointment to schedule your New Patient Appointment or Complimentary Consultation so we can get to know you and how we can start this journey together!

Prior to your first visit at Specialized Health Chiropractic, we ask that you complete the New Patient Paperwork, which is all sent electronically for your convenience – no need to print and bring! The more you share with us, the more we can help you! Therefore, please take your time and fill it out as completely and as detailed as possible.

Pediatric Care

Your First Visit

Upon your arrival you will be greeted by one of the doctors at the front desk. After a brief tour, we will take a few minutes to just have a conversation in private to discuss your health concerns, what chiropractic can do for you, and how our office works. We will also address any questions you have. We are devoted to helping you with your health so please be prepared to discuss things in detail. The more that we know about each other, the better we are able to help.

The next component is one of the most important parts of our care for you: the Exam. Our exam is completely comprehensive and very thorough, which allows us to get a detailed picture of your spine, nervous system, and overall health. Digital X-Rays may be taken, if necessary, and a state-of-the-art computerized exam will be performed, which allows us to understand what exactly is going on with your health and how to address the root cause of the challenges. 

The first appointment is very comprehensive, but should only take between 45 minutes and one hour. 

After your first visit, the doctors will then take some time to review your case together and come up with a specific and personalized course of care for you. 

Pediatric Care
Wellness Care

Your Second Visit

During your second visit we will give you a full report of what your first exam reveals, and how that is affecting your health. We will explain, in detail, what your scans and x-rays, if taken, show, and how we will continue to monitor your progress. You will get an in-depth explanation of how we can help you and what our action plan will be to get your nervous system functioning at its best. We also will take some time to discuss the financial aspects of your care, including our affordable family plans. This is the time to ask any and all questions you have! 

Following your Report of Findings, you may receive your first chiropractic adjustment. The entire report and adjustment will take approximately 45 minutes.

Regular Visits

On a typical visit during your course of care you will always be greeted warmly by Anna or one of the doctors at the front desk. The adjustment itself takes a few minutes, but you are encouraged to ask any questions or voice any concerns to your doctors at this time. An average visit takes about 10 minutes, with the adjustment, conversation, and review of your care plan.

We regularly perform exams throughout your care at SHC to monitor your progress and adapt if necessary. These visits are similar to the initial exam and include a progress exam form (sent electronically), as well as the same Nervous system scan performed at that first visit. Although they include many of the same components as your first visit, progress exams only take about 20-30 minutes and are frequently followed by a regularly scheduled adjustment. 

Most people love the way they feel while under Chiropractic care and continue seeing us for Wellness Care to ensure their body is working at 100%.

Click on Contact Us with any questions or Book an Appointment to set up your first or next appointment!

At Specialized Health Chiropractic, our goal is
to help your family live the very best life!