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Why Would You Need a
Perry Pediatric Chiropractor?

When you hear the word “chiropractor”  we’re sure you picture an adult getting an adjustment, however, most people do not realize that infants or children can benefit from chiropractic care from as early as a few hours old! Infants are immediately susceptible to a wide range of ailments caused by a traumatic birth or c-section.

Misalignments or subluxations (interference to the spinal structure) put pressure on the spinal nerves upon birth and can interfere with the body’s ability to coordinate or control phases of growth and development.  Chiropractic care for infants and children can correct these potential problems through careful and strategic adjustments.

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Does my child need a Pediatric Chiropractor?

Taking care of the spine and nervous system is similar to yearly check-ins with your doctor or dentist. The earlier you begin to take your child to a pediatric chiropractor, the more likely they are to have optimal development, and the earlier you can prevent common problems from occurring.

Just like a cavity that isn’t causing you pain, you can have a subluxation in your body that compromises your nervous system without realization. By getting regular chiropractic care, Specialized Health Chiropractic can find and correct subluxations early, avoiding symptoms that often occur after years of neglect.

Some of our Pediatric Chiropractors have sought our help Perry residents with particular conditions, such as:

  • ADHD
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Breastfeeding or latch issues
  • Colic

Quality Care from a Perry Pediatric Chiropractor

Specialized Health Chiropractic has trained extensively in providing safe pediatric chiropractic care to patients in the Perry, Iowa area. We understand that the needs of a child are quite different from those of an adult and will approach it as such.


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Adel Pediatric Chiropractor

Spinal misalignment is a significant condition a child would visit a chiropractor for.


  • Constipation
  • Crawling/Movement Delays
  • Ear infections
  • GERD/Reflux
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Sleep issues

These conditions could diminish the child’s overall health and wellness and impede their proper growth and development.

Techniques pediatric chiropractors use for adjustments

It is especially important that when getting your little ones checked by an Adel pediatric chiropractor, you seek out someone that has specific pediatric chiropractic care training and experience, as well as a child-friendly bedside manner! Both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Bryce have done extensive education and training in pediatric chiropractic care and are passionate about caring for children throughout the Perry, Iowa area.

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Why go to a Pediatric Chiropractor?

A 2015 study, “Incidence of Somatic Dysfunction in Healthy Newborns” showed us how important it is for infants to get checked by a chiropractor, even seemingly healthy infants. The doctors examined the spines of 100 seemingly healthy newborns: 51 males and 49 females, that were all about 6 hours old. In that study, it was reported that 99%, or 99 out of 100, of these newborns, had at least one somatic dysfunction.

What was the commonality?

The study also found that the number one correlating factor to the amount of spinal dysfunction found was labor time. The longer the labor, the more stress on the baby, leading to more dysfunctions. We, chiropractors, call this somatic dysfunction a subluxation.  

Biggest takeaway: Almost every child needs to be seen by a pediatric chiropractor, so we can address their somatic dysfunctions or subluxations! 

Children should be checked regularly for vertebral subluxation  to ensure that their nervous system is communicating at optimal speed and clarity.

It’s a no-brainer, why wouldn’t you want to give your child the best opportunity at health and well-being BEFORE he or she has pain or symptoms?

If you are interested in caring for your child and looking to find a pediatric chiropractor, contact us at Specialized Health Chiropractic.

Located in Adel, Iowa we would love the opportunity to treat you.

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