*Katherine wanted a different experience than her last birth.

When Katherine and her husband found out they were pregnant again, they knew they had to do something different this time around. Their last pregnancy was rough, and the birth of their son was even rougher! 

Katherine was plagued with severe morning sickness throughout first and second trimesters, terrible low back pain, and headaches. And when it was time for their son to make his appearance, labor was hard, long, and painful. And unfortunately, all of those trials and he ended up being born via cesarean section because of failure to progress, or dystocia. 

So this time around, when the morning sickness started, they looked for a different path. They talked to friends and family. Everyone had pointed them to a prenatal chiropractor! And through their own research, they found us at SHC! 

Through Katherine’s care, she felt the symptoms of pregnancy start to melt away. She even noticed better sleep, which she didn’t even think that would be possible throughout pregnancy!

When it came to the end of her pregnancy, and the ultimate arrival of their beautiful baby girl, SHC was with her throughout the entire process. She even was able to call SHC and get an adjustment during labor! 

Katherine said that this pregnancy, with chiropractic care, was significantly more comfortable than the last. AND, she reported that birth was so much easier, more comfortable, and was able to birth her daughter naturally, without the fear of dystocia! 

She now recommends SHC, or a Webster Certified chiropractor, to every new mom she meets!

Pediatric Care

What makes prenatal care different from regular care?

During pregnancy a mother’s body is rapidly changing, mentally, physically and hormonally. The three hormones involved in pregnancy are: estrogen, progesterone, and relaxin. These all directly influence the ligaments and structure of the spine and pelvis, increasing the likelihood of stress to the nervous system to occur. By choosing chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy, your body and nervous system will be better prepared to adapt to these changes, improve organ function, and allow for a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth. 

Both of our Doctors are specifically trained to care for women from pre-conception all the way through birth – including Webster Technique*. Webster Technique is a gentle and non-invasive way of analysing the spine and nervous system, and adjusting the sacrum and pelvis allowing the function and structure of pelvis to improve, balancing the ligaments and muscles around the uterus, and reducing the stress response in the nervous system responsible for causing obstacles in the birthing process. 

It can ultimately give mom the best chance at attaining the birth that she wants. Most of our mothers report that their pregnancy while under chiropractic care was more enjoyable and that birth was shorter and less painful compared to pregnancy without chiropractic. 

Pediatric Care
Wellness Care

Here’s just a shortlist of some benefits of Chiropractic through pregnancy:

  • More comfort
  • Decreased nausea
  • Better sleep
  • Less pain
  • More optimum positioning of baby
  • Improved pelvic function
  • Easier birth
  • Faster recovery
Pediatric Care

Secondary conditions that may be improved with prenatal chiropractic care:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Poor sleep
  • Nausea/Heartburn
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Pubic Symphysis dysfunction
  • Labor dystocia/Failure to progress

For further resources on Chiropractic care for pregnancy, please visit the ICPA website:, where you can find research articles, testimonials, and editorials by fellow prenatal chiropractors.

*To protect the privacy of our patients, names may have been changed

Pediatric Care

At Specialized Health Chiropractic, both of our Doctors are specifically trained to care for women from pre-conception all the way through birth – including Webster Technique*. Chiropractic is a gentle and non-invasive way of giving mom the best chance at attaining the birth that she wants.