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Specialized Health Chiropractic Pediatric Patient

Nash’s mom was a chiropractic patient since her first pregnancy and knew the importance of prenatal care when she was carrying this little one. Nash came to us a week after his birth. He was having some colic issues and was just not quite as healthy as he could be. Dr. Bryce evaluated his little spine and vastly growing nervous system and found 2 major areas where he was having problems: his first vertebra and his sacrum. After just a few adjustments, the colic subsided, and he became this happy little man with the world’s biggest smile!

Specialized Health Chiropractic Pediatric Patient
Specialized Health with Adel Pediatric Patient

Graham was such a curious child, never wanting to sleep, and always wanting to play! So much so that mom wasn’t able to get as much done as she needed. She was stressed, exhausted, and frustrated. During his examination, Dr. Taylor found an issue with his first vertebra which caused so much stress on his nervous system that he missed one of his milestones. After his initial care plan, he reached that missed milestone, slept much sounder, and went down for naps much easier! He graduated to wellness and now gets regular check ups to make sure he reaches all his milestones and grows healthy and strong!



Specialized Health Lynn



Lynn came to us 6 months pregnant with her second baby, unfortunately experiencing lower back pain! With the gentle and specific adjusting technique for balancing the structure of the pregnant pelvis and restoring the connection of the nervous system to her body, she was able to heal the injury in her sacroiliac joints and have a more comfortable last trimester of her pregnancy! After giving birth to her little girl, she said that labor was significantly easier, and she healed over 2 months sooner compared to her first pregnancy. Now she’s enjoying a pain-free postpartum period, with that new momma glow of a happier, healthier body!



This beautiful little spitfire was having some difficulties with bedwetting and sleep apnea. Dr. Taylor cleared the stress on her nervous system both at the top of her neck and the sacrum. She started sleeping better, healed faster from her bumps, bruises, and colds, and grew into a great big sister for her brother affectionately called “Little Bryce” in our office.

Adel Pediatric Chiropractor with Patient

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"Dr. Taylor rocks! So detailed. Amazing person and chiropractor!"

Nick M.

"Dr. Miller goes above and beyond to help both my daughter and I acheive our goals."

Jackie L.

"Both Dr. Bryce and Dr. Taylor have been awesome at helping my family stay healthy. Our youngest two boys, who struggled with ADHD and meltdowns, both have made huge strides!"

Liz N.

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