Do you feel as if you or your children are constantly getting sick? Are you dreading the upcoming fall and winter months because your children have ear infections and cases of flu, and coughs coming around the corner? Do you feel your immune system become weaker just thinking about the cold winter?

I’d like to share what me and my wife, Dr. Taylor do to help combat illness during the fall and winter months. Most people think of us as the “super clean” eating “wellness warriors” that never eat sugar, consume dairy, or eat gluten. But truly I love sugar, I don’t eat super healthy ALL the time. I try my best not to consume foods that aren’t good for me but I also have a huge sweet tooth. Dr. Taylor and I definitely do not live a perfect, all organic, toxin-free life. 

Many of the families that come into our office, including Dr. Taylor and I, are able to avoid chronically getting ear infections, and expecting to get the flu by changing ONE thing in their routine. INSTEAD of focusing entirely on what we need to stay away from, like sugars, gluten, and dairy, we need to focus on maximizing our bodies ability to OVERCOME sickness, and to detox our body from the bad things we consume. 



In reality, when it comes to health, being healthy does not come from avoiding all the bad things, but from adapting and overcoming those negative things and becoming resilient. So why are we able to adapt to sickness? Why are our patients more resilient? It’s not because they all have perfect diets. It’s not because they avoid people who are sick. It’s not because they have better genetics. Our patients get adjusted. Their bodies are able to properly communicate with their brain, to maximize their resilience to the outside world. And when our patients get adjusted, their families are able to adapt to sickness, and to detox from poor food choices and finally break the cycle of being constantly sick because their nervous systems are working without interference and better able to control our immune and digestive systems.

If you are more interested in how to stop avoiding the negatives such as winter, pollen, and sickness, and start adapting to your environment around you please call, click, or come in for a consultation with me or Dr. Taylor.