Hi! We’re the Miller family. We are so excited to be joining this great community in Adel and are looking forward to seeing it continue to grow. One of our major goals is to create a healthy community within Adel and allow this great area to thrive! Our office is located at 707 Main street and we love being so close to the historic downtown. 

Dr. Bryce grew up just down the street in Waukee. He then attended the University of Northern Iowa and went on to chiropractic school at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport. While in Davenport Dr. Bryce met his beautiful wife Dr. Taylor. Together they are proud parents of two very spoiled dogs, Gypsy and Samantha! Dr. Bryce enjoys cycling along the Racoon River Valley Trail and is excited to be back in Iowa to participate in RAGBRAI!

Dr. Taylor originally hails from the south, but is a proud Iowa transplant from a young age, growing up in the tiny town of Fort Atkinson, IA. She received her Bachelor Degree from Elmhurst College, near Chicago, then went on to chiropractic school at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Taylor enjoys reading, and now thanks to Dr. Bryce – cycling, although she’s not quite ready for RAGBRAI!



At our office, we specialize in taking care of whole families from 9 minutes old all the way to 100 years old! Our approach to Chiropractic may be slightly different than the conventional chiropractor because we are focused on how your nervous system is working and not trying to chase your symptoms. 

Our nervous system is in charge of everything, including pain. And although it is our nervous system that detects pain, only 3% of the nervous system is in charge of sensation. The remaining 97% is our nervous system telling every cell, tissue, and organ what to do. Are you able to tell me how well your kidneys are working? Or how well the digestive system is absorbing nutrients? Of course not! This is the very reason why we use very specialized technology to analyze how the nervous system is functioning. With this information, we are able to form a care plan that is specific to you and your needs!

We strive to not only be great doctors, but also leaders by example. If we suggest something, whether it be chiropractic care, nutritional supplements, or specific diet or exercises, we’re confident in those recommendations because we’ve tried it! 

We’d love to get to know you more! Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/specializedhealthchiropractic/ to keep up to date on the latest news and developments as we grow our practice and Adel into the healthiest it can be!