Schuyler, from Adel Mental Health, joins Dr. Bryce to discuss the type of stress that no one wants to talk about: EMOTIONAL STRESS.

Schuyler focuses on Emotion-based therapy, and is an expert and relationships – whether that be child/parent relationship, or spousal relationships.

At SHC, we focus on Stress in general, whether it be physical, chemical, or emotional stress, and how the body reacts and adapts to stress. However, we frequently need additional help with managing the Emotional stress of everyday life. We love working together with Schuyler, and everyone at Adel Mental Health, to help all of our SHC Family, to be the healthiest and to handle stress as effectively as possible.

Whether you are a Dad dealing with stress poorly and overwhelmed, a child dealing with behavioral-emotional outbursts, or a mom finally ready to tackle chronic anxiety, Adel Mental Health and SHC TOGETHER can be a vital part in overcoming those obstacles!


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