Dr. Taylor joins Dr. Lisa Handley from Health & Healing with Dr. Lisa in a discussion about all thing hormones!

Dr. Lisa is a Pharmacist who specializes in hormonal health and natural regulation, as well as ThetaHealing which is an additional way of pursuing health and wellness.

Together, they answer a variety of questions asked by followers:

  1. I had difficulty conveiving our children, we used IVF. Will our kids have issues when they decide to have kids?
  2. Do I have to have a period? Mine hurt so badly.
  3. My daughter just started her period at age 10, I was 14 when I started mine. Is that normal or should I be worried?
  4. What about male fertility? What can the guys do to help chances of conceiving?
  5. My wife is pregnant, and she’s a moody mess sometimes. Is that normal?
  6. Do I have to live with hot flashes?


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